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Проект Е-клуб

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About E-club project

Who We Are

Young, professionally successful and career-oriented adults aged between 25-45. This group never fits in the programs of Jewish organizations that are currently working in Moscow, because of the age quotas.
The unite a wide range of people - old friends and newcomers, Ashkenazi and Sefardi, Georgian and Bukhary Jews, Caucasus Jews, couples and single people, academics, artists, singers, who consider Jewish culture as part of their identity.
Through this involvement we want to meet the interests of both families and single people.
With the help of this project we want to attract young adults and get them involved in the Jewish community life on a permanent basis through communication, education, social activities and outreach.
Young Jewish adults are still hungry to learn, to know and practice their traditions.
However they still have to be trained, encouraged, nurtured to build a vibrant Jewish community united in their moral and social values.

Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring the future and continuity of the Jewish community in Moscow and Russia through raising a new generation of active and responsible Jewish lay-leaders committed to the main Jewish values.
We are united by the fact that we identify ourselves with the Jewish people and by our desire to do something good for our peers, the entire community and ourselves. Working as volunteers the group members by their own example demonstrate their commitment to the community and their willingness to improve it, to make it compatible to those ones in Canada, US and Europe.
The group members consider charity and volunteer work to be a most important part of their community life.

At the moment there are two components of the project:
1)  educational component – acquiring new knowledge, inspiration and skills through somebody else’s experience in charity, team-building and sharing Jewish experience, including educational seminars and trainings, meetings with Jewish philanthropists, meetings with the leaders of Jewish non-profit sector.
2)  practical component - active participation in charity events and initiating one’s own charity projects, including local and international charity events, partnership projects within Russia and abroad, fundraising
Current major aspects

  • We believe that the following aspects should be developed within the E-club Project:
  • Jewish Educational programs
  • Community leadership programs
  • Charity activities
  • Family  programs

Within the family trainings and educational seminars the idea of tzedakah is discussed and promoted. As a result young adults, singles, couples, families will be encouraged to create and develop their own charity projects in the community on different levels – at wok, at schools, kindergartens, in their neighborhoods and synagogues. 

Е-клуб - Против коронавируса вместе!
Друзья, в этот непростой момент, когда так сложно быть вместе, особенно важно поддерживать друг друга, и, несмотря ни на что, делать добрые дела вместе.
Щедрый вторник 28 ноября

Друзья! Завтра 28 ноября, а это значит, что мы отмечаем

Международный день благотворительности – Щедрый вторник.

Мы знаем, что вы участвуете в благотворительности.

Шавуот в мастерской

7 июня в рамках проекта "Искусство благотворительности" при традиционном уже содействии Благотворительного фонда «Жизненный путь», специализирующегося на помощи людям с нарушениями развития, в легендарной мастерской «Особая керамика на ВДНХ», где с успехом творят такие люди, прошла встреча, посвящённая недавно прошедшему празднику дарования Торы – Шавуот.

Участники с интересом выслушали

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